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Kaizen Platform, Dentsu and Dentsu Digital to start Video Ad creative optimization solution “Quick Video”

Kaizen Platform, Inc. (HQ: California, US; CEO: Kenji Sudo; hereinafter referred to as Kaizen Platform) a provider of optimization technology and global designer network solutions for driving performance, solutions for optimizing the website user interface and Kaizen Ad optimization technology and solutions for maximizing banner and video ad creative, Dentsu Inc. (HQ: Minato Ward, Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Toshihiro Yamamoto; hereinafter referred to as Dentsu), and Dentsu Digital Holdings, Inc. (HQ: Minato Ward, Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Norihiro Kuretani; hereinafter referred to as Dentsu Digital) have together launched the new Facebook video ad creative optimization solution service called Quick Video on June 22nd 2017.

The magnitude of personal information and behavior collected about Facebook users on a daily basis allows Facebook to have the best ad targeting options of any ad platform to date. However, Ad Fatigue has become a more prominent issue as the same content is shown to the target audience many times.

To maintain higher ad performance on Facebook, you need to have creators who can produce various types of ad content in a short period of time, and a tool that enables you to track ad performances and simplifies creative replacement.

Quick Video is the solution that takes care of this challenging process and enables you to optimize Facebook video ad content continuously and efficiently at a lower cost.

Quick Video solution process: A creative director from Advanced Creative Center (1) of Dentsu Digital requests Kaizen Platform professional Optimizer Network (2) to produce and optimize video ad content. Based on the creative brief made by the client, Kaizen Platform collects a variety of ad content variations from the global network of designers and distributes those in a short period of time. Creative performance is monitored and analyzed in real-time so you can easily replace and rotate creative variations as performance starts to decline.

Dentsu and Dentsu Digital will utilize the Kaizen Platform’s global network of professional video creative designers not only to produce optimal video ad content for clients, but to provide ad performance optimization and transparency in ad effectiveness.

Kaizen Platform solutions have been widely used in multiple industries including Gaming, E-Commerce, Travel, Recruiting, and Finance in U.S., Europe, Russia, Korea and Chinese Taipei regions in addition to Japan, and it has already achieved up to 255% conversion rate (CVR) improvement compared to the original ad content.

Onward Strategy:
We will continue to expand the global network of professional designers, as well as digital ad content optimization services globally.

(1) Dentsu Digital Advanced Creative Center:
Dentsu Digital Advanced Creative Center is a new business department, aiming to connect data, AI and creatives, and formed within 2nd Performance Marketing Division at Dentsu Digital in April 2017. It handles various types of advertising content from brand lifting ads to direct response ads and currently holds 24 ad specialists including creative directors, copywriters, art directors and consultants.

(2) Optimizer Network
Kaizen Platform evaluates each designer portfolio in advance to ensure high quality of each video ad variation submitted by the designers. Only those who pass a certain standard of experience and expertise will be able to submit their work.

About Kaizen Platform, Inc.
Kaizen Platform, Inc. was founded in 2013 by a group of leading marketing technology professionals, including current CEO Kenji Sudo who led the Recruit Group’s ad technology division as the company’s youngest executive. Kaizen Platform, Inc. was built to combine world-class optimization technology with a network of talented Optimizers to rapidly improve and continuously A/B test experiences. Helping marketers achieve incredible performance through the Kaizen Platform solution for optimizing the website user interface and Kaizen Ad optimization technology and solution for maximizing digital (banner and video) advertising creative.

The Kaizen Ad Solution:
Kaizen Ad optimizes video ad creative using a global network of professional and talented designers, delivering new, high-quality localized creative quickly and at volume. In a recent Facebook campaign targeting a Japanese audience, Playrix saw an 18% reduction in CPI and 25% increase in CVR from the top performing localized creative delivered by Kaizen Ad (compared against the original video ad creative). Playrix feedback: “Our joint effort to develop videos for Japanese market has proven to be successful. Over 50% of videos developed by Kaizen have shown excellent results. We’re pleased by our partnership.” – Lubov Lukicheva, Marketing Analyst, Playrix

Company name: Kaizen Platform, Inc.
Representative: Co-founder & CEO Kenji Sudo
Address: 10F Shirokane Takanawa Station Building, 1-27-6 Shirokane, Minato ward, Tokyo 108-0072 Japan
Established in March 2013
Kaizen Platform, Inc. combines powerful tools with on-demand creative services to take the frustration out of digital experience optimization. Helping marketers achieve incredible performance through the Kaizen Platform solution for optimizing the website user interface and the Kaizen Ad solution for maximizing digital advertising creative.

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