A Partnership for Performance

SitePoint is the ultimate web development library. From HTML and CSS, to design and WordPress, SitePoint has resources for every web professional. With such a vast array of content SitePoint needed a better way to organize and present their library to increase traffic and page views.

By working with Kaizen Platform, SitePoint was able to lengthen session time by experimenting with design, layout, and copy of the recommended articles sidebar to increase traffic and create a better digital experience.

Kaizen Platform Optimizes to Continue the Customer Journey


Using Kaizen Platform’s Expert Cloud of designers and copywriters, SitePoint quickly got the variations they needed to optimize the recommended articles section. Kaizen Platform managed the whole process. From ensuring brand guidelines were met, to relaying questions and feedback between SitePoint and the Expert Cloud. With Kaizen’s simple JavaScript snippet implementation, the experiment started the moment SitePoint was ready to launch. Due to SitePoint’s high amount of traffic, the experiment took less than a week to reach statistical significance.

Optimization Spotlight


The winning design: The optimizer used colors that stand out, but are subtle enough to not be distracting. The headline bar color matches the section color so the main focus stays on the article. The title, What others are reading is more friendly and welcoming message than the original recommended for you. The headline icon symbolizes a group or other people to create a sense of inclusion and authority.


The winning placement: The optimizer chose to place the section beneath the article’s comments and the Next Article section,



I always expect recommended articles to be at the bottom of the article. The flow of the page for me is: read the whole article, read some comments, then if I didn’t find what I was searching for, then I look at [the] recommended articles. If the recommended articles are the side, then by the time I scroll down halfway they’re gone. If it’s in a fixed position it would be too distracting and take up too much space on the screen.

-Andy L.

Changes that performed best and increased conversions:


    •  Images performed better than icons

    •  Placement at the bottom of the article performed better than the sidebar

    •  Users preferred a CTA that resembled an article, not an ad

    •  Displaying three recommended articles

    •  Grid layout performed better than a list


With these changes, SitePoint had a 233.6% improvement rate in the their suggested articles section. Please keep in mind that these results were based off of SitePoint’s unique audience segments. Experimenting with different users can lead to different results. If you’re interested in optimizing your own experiences request a demo and take advantage of our unique performance pricing. You don’t pay a cent until you see results and we guarantee 5% lift.