Kaizen Improves Production and Performance for Nestle Landing Pages

For Nestle careful A/B planning and testing is key to meeting business goals and continuing to engage existing and new customers. Within the first few rounds of tests with Kaizen Platform, Nestle saw the conversion rate for the Nescafe Dolce Gusto product page increase by 17 percent. With more rounds and pages to come, this total is expected to keep growing. For Nestle, the incremental improvements translated to millions of dollars more in revenue per year.

Shortening the website production cycle


Nestle needed a new strategy to boost subscriptions for their single-serve coffee product Nescafe Dolce Gusto. Internal processes for content creation were slow, taking weeks for product website updates to be implemented. As a result subscriptions remained sluggish.


Kaizen Platform worked with Nestle to create a strategy to streamline workflow and improve conversions on the product page. Using Kaizen’s network of Optimizers and JavaScript implementation, Nestle easily launched multiple variations of the product page from the platform. With more variations to test, Nestle consistently improved performance. Kaizen’s Customer Success Team monitored the real-time results to study customer behavior and report back to Nestle. This approach helped Nestle identify which changes were most impactful for increasing subscriptions.


Kaizen’s network Optimizers conducted two initial rounds of A/B testing to improve conversion rates for the Nescafe Dolce Gusto product page. In the first round, changes made to the image and text underneath the benefits section yielded a conversion rate that was 8 percent higher than the original page. During the second round the changes added another 9 percent improvement, totaling a 17 percent increase in conversions. In addition, Kaizen’s centralized model of content creation and implementation has drastically reduced the time it takes for Nestle to execute A/B tests on their own.


Building the future, cup after cup


The improved conversion rate for Nescafe Dolce Gusto subscriptions will mean more repeat customers for Nestle, translating into several million more dollars in annual sales. Going forward, Nestle now has a better idea of where and what to test, saving time and resources. Every successive product page update will now build upon the learnings from previous for precise experience optimization.