Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines Gets a Lift from Kaizen

Thanks to Kaizen Platform’s site optimization technology, Japan Airlines (JAL) can now automatically tailor campaign images and messaging on their website for each of their unique customer segments, including the recently added retiree segment. As a result of this greater flexibility, and the additional focus on retired travelers, revenue has increased 27% for JAL.


Japan Airlines’ Revenue Growth Soars


Japan Airlines needed to grow their customer base. Historically, the majority of JAL’s customers have been business travelers, but they we’re missing out on important segments they could also serve. With this in mind, JAL came to Kaizen Platform to help target three new segments: men, women, and retirees aged 60-plus.


Kaizen Platform’s insights team worked closely with JAL to come up with a strategy to address each customer on a more personal level. It soon became apparent that each customer segment needed its own landing page, complete with imagery and copy to speak to their customer’s individual goals.


Using the Expert Cloud, Kaizen Platform delivered a branded series of landing pages with each of these segment’s unique goals in mind. The page targeted at men that was simple and direct. The page targeted at women emphasized great prices. Retirees were treated to beautiful beach images. Kaizen Platform used a DMP integration to segment JAL’s target customers, delivering personalized content to the right customers at the right time. By presenting these segments with different landing pages with their distinct goals in mind, JAL saw a huge increase in conversions.