Financial Services

Realizing Returns on Mobile Optimization Investment

Constant improvement, speed, discipline, passion, and an obsession with customer satisfaction are at the core of this financial service company’s character. In today’s on-the-go lifestyle, this company understands that mobile is a key strategy for reaching their potential clients. But when their mobile user experience fell short of producing the number of account sign-ups they were looking for, they leveraged Kaizen Platform to deliver the results they needed.


In finance, even a small investment can lead to significant returns. Similarly, small changes in a landing page can reap huge benefits. Such was the case with this financial services company. Using Kaizen Platform’s time-saving dashboard and proven optimization tools, their internal team was able to simply change the color of the call-to-action button and eliminate potential customer objections to signing up by highlighting the easy 30-second process.


With Kaizen Platform, account sign-ups soared and the mobile experience delivered the returns they needed.